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NPK design is a leading consultancy in Europe developing innovative systems for healthcare, renowned for its power of innovation, originality, knowledge, precision, and pragmatic approach.

For over 30 years we have been designing products and product – service combinations, which are appreciated and successful throughout the world, and have won numerous design awards. By focusing on the user perspective and uncovering the question behind the question we are able to get through to the core of the task. This is expressed fully in the final results that stand out from the crowd due to being designed with vision and precision that is unrivaled. Our package of services includes: strategic advice, service design, industrial, public and graphic design, engineering, prototyping and supply management. The team’s knowledge and experience in medical markets facilitate strong synergies with healthcare professionals. NPK design focuses on market needs, combining functional and aesthetic qualities with attractive cost of ownership, in medical devices and service systems. The NPK team creates sustainable solutions adding real and perceived value to healthcare innovations.
Within the ID-Lyme project, NPK will be responsible for user-friendly design of the Ixodes kit, strategic advice and optimization based on user input. NPK has the skills and expertise to transform medical inventions into practical healthcare solutions. NPK design has proven this, in cooperation with large companies as well as start-up teams, resulting in a long track record of examples in: diagnosis & treatment systems, smart disposables, analytical systems, medical devices for patients and OTC self-care devices.

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Participants for NPK design

Marlies van Dullemen, MSc (F)

Mrs. Van Dullemen holds a MSc in industrial design and has over 30 years of experience. She leads the Healthcare Innovations team at NPK Design since 2009. Mrs. Van Dullemen coordinates design and engineering projects at NPK design, as well as with clients and suppliers, for which she prepares extensive project plans, with related planning and budget proposals. Current topics include device development for innovative cardiology, neurology and oncology systems. The work scope ranges from vision- and scenario development (technology, work-flow, design, product architecture) and identifying viable business cases providing strategic innovation, up to coordination of the engineering development and the realization of marketable systems.