Innatoss Laboratories B.V. is a life science company that develops innovative diagnostic tests based on cellular immunity.

Innatoss aims for first- or best-in-class products, that are accepted by patients, physicians and healthcare providers alike. Innatoss’ mission is to significantly reduce health problems associated with infectious diseases by providing... read more



NPK design is a leading consultancy in Europe developing innovative systems for healthcare, renowned for its power of innovation, originality, knowledge, precision, and pragmatic approach.

For over 30 years we have been designing products and product – service combinations, which are appreciated and successful throughout the world, and have won numerous... read more

medical university of vienna


The Medical University of Vienna (MUW) with its 650 years’ history is one of the oldest and most important top-level medical research institutions in Europe.

It employs 1,800 researchers and 1,600 medical doctors, who are the medical staff of the General Hospital of Vienna, Europe's largest hospital. MUW takes a leading position in research and teaching and is located in the THE-ranking .... read more



DIARECT AG, a privately held company founded in November 1998, specializes in the production and worldwide distribution of key components for development of diagnostic end products.

These crucial components can be proteins, nucleoproteins and nucleic acids that are used as antigens in diagnostic test kits for autoimmune and infectious disease... read more